Jeffrey D. Jensen – Jeff earned a BS/BA from the University of Arizona in 2002 in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Biological Anthropology, co-advised by Michael Nachman (University of Arizona) and Brian Charlesworth (University of Edinburgh). He earned his PhD in Molecular Biology & Genetics at Cornell University in 2006, co-advised by Charles Aquadro (Cornell) and Carlos Bustamante (Stanford), and went on to do his postdoc work as an NSF Biological Informatics Fellow at UCSD and UC Berkeley, with Doris Bachtrog (Berkeley), Peter Andolfatto (Princeton), and Rasmus Nielsen (Berkeley). Jeff founded the Jensen Lab as an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2009, re-located to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 2011, and in 2016 moved the lab to Arizona State University as a Professor in the School of Life Sciences. googlescholar   pubmed  



Rebecca Harris – Rebecca earned her PhD in Biology at the University of Washington advised by Adam Leaché, and additionally spent time during her graduate studies in the labs of Alexis Stamatakis (Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies), Per Alström (Uppsala University), and Ziheng Yang (University College London) – developing both computational and empirical approaches for characterizing the evolutionary history of lizard and avian systems. Her work in the Jensen Lab focuses on population genetic method development with applications to crypsis. googlescholar   website

Parul Johri  Parul is completing her PhD with Mike Lynch in the Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Program at Indiana University, studying the population genetics of Paramecium species. She will join the Jensen Lab in September 2018 to continue her study of how non-adaptive forces including mutation, recombination and purifying selection shape patterns of genomic variation. pubmed

Matt Jones – Matt is completing his PhD with Jeff Good in the Organismal Biology, Ecology & Evolution program at the University of Montana, where he is studying the genomics of ecological adaptation. He will join the Jensen Lab in December 2018 to investigate time-sampled statistical inference with applications to long-term ecological datasets, in collaboration with the Rosenblum Lab (UC Berkeley). googlescholar   website

Ana Morales-Arce – Ana earned her PhD in Archaeology at the University of Calgary, studying ancient mtDNA from Mexico and Central America. As a Center for Evolution & Medicine Research Fellow, her work in the Jensen Lab (and in collaboration with the Stone Lab (ASU)) is focused upon the population genetics of time-sampled pathogen data. pubmed


Andrew Sackman – Andrew earned his PhD in Biological Sciences at Florida State University advised by Darin Rokyta. The main focus of his graduate work involved the study of gene interactions and compensatory evolution in phages. His work in the Jensen Lab involves population genetic method development, as well as a continued focus on the analysis of experimental evolution data. googlescholar   pubmed